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Heat & Stress Prevention


The Sqwincher Corporation is an electrolyte beverage manufacturer founded in 1975 in Columbus, Mississippi. The manufacturing facility is located in Columbus, MS and headquarters in Muscatine, IA (Kent Precision Foods Group). Sqwincher products are now sold throughout the U.S. as well as select international markets located in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica and Mexico. The company also has a unique distribution model. Rather than trying to compete with the Gatorades of the world in the mass market, Sqwincher sought to market its products to ‘professional’ users, such as electrical utility or construction companies whose workers who are often laboring outside on hot days and need adequate hydration to maintain energy, mental focus and to avoid heat exhaustion. The company also markets direct to consumers.

Sqwincher was founded in 1975 with the first high potassium, lower sodium drinks. But the company’s first breakthrough came in the decision to target a different audience, and to become as the company says “a hydration safety product for the industrial market.” The company exhibits at a number of trade shows that cater to industrial markets and outdoor enthusiasts.